Performance Built In

Performance Built In


Design for energy efficiency is now a mainstream architectural practice. Growing adoption of the 2012 IECC and ASHRAE 90.1-2010 has driven significant changes in building design relative to fire performance and air/moisture protection. USG and Tremco support this industry shift by offering the Securock® ExoAir® 430 System – a system comprised of two proven products combined in an efficient delivery package with documented system performance that goes beyond industry requirements, giving architects the confidence to specify and building owner the performance they demand.

BE119 - Air Barrier System Defined

BE120 - System Test Methods

BE61 - UL Exterior Wall Systems (NFPA 285 Assemblies)

ARCOM MasterSpec (Section 061656 - Air and Water Resistive Sheathing Board)

Architectural Specification (Section 072726 - Factory Fluid-Applied Membrane Air Barriers)