Securock® ExoAir® Air Barrier 430 Panel
Performance Built In


Energy-efficient buildings reduce heating and cooling costs, improve the comfort, health and safety of building occupants and ensure that the building will last for its designated service life. In order for a building to be energy efficient, the air flowing in and out of it, must be controlled.  USG Corporation and Tremco Commercial Sealants & Waterproofing, both energy advocates, have joined forces to create an air barrier system that controls the air, water and vapor in your building in a very efficient way. And just like the joining of two industry leaders, the merging of two separate proven technologies delivers a cohesive solution – one that meets the required energy performance standards and provides installation efficiencies throughout the entire construction process.




Introducing Securock® ExoAir® 430 System – the first integrated gypsum sheathing panel with a factory-applied fluid air-barrier membrane. The panel brings two proven technologies together – USG’s Securock Glass-Mat Sheathing and Tremco’s fluid applied air/water barrier membrane into one panel that efficiently delivers an air barrier solution to the job site. When installed with the approved detailing accessories, the system reduces job site challenges, simplifies installation and results in superior control of air, water and vapor.

With Securock ExoAir 430 system, the application variability of the air barrier is no longer a concern; our controlled factory environment ensures proper mil thickness and membrane uniformity. Mil thickness and uniformity means no more job site re-work. In addition, membrane adhesion is assured; it can’t wash off from rain or from improper sheathing preparation. Job site scheduling is vastly improved by minimizing the impact weather has in the construction process and because the there’s only one contractor to both hang and install the air barrier.

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