Flashing and Transitions

Superior Moisture Control

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Water management is critical to the long-term performance of an air/water barrier. Properly installed flashing and transitions are instrumental in providing a pathway for water to drain away from the system.

Securock® ExoAir® 430 System Components:
ExoAir® 110AT

ExoAir® 110AT is a 22-mil composite impermeable membrane that is comprised of 16 mils of butyl and 6 mils of HDPP facer.  It can be used as the membrane or as a detailing accessory of an air barrier system.  ExoAir 110AT when installed properly as a system will provide the requirements of an air barrier: air impermeable, continuity, structural integrity and durability. 

Dymonic® 100

Dymonic® 100 is a high-performance, medium-modulus, low-VOC, UV-stable, non-sag polyurethane sealant that can be used for detailing fasteners, board joints, around penetrations, as angle beads in transition areas, in control/expansion joints with break metal, for terminating ExoAir® Foil Flashing, and under all the Vulkem Coating Systems and TREMproof® waterproofing membranes.

Securock® ExoAir® Reinforcing Mesh

Securock® ExoAir® Reinforcing Mesh is an open-weave fabric consisting of glass fiber yarn saturated with synthetic resins. The glass fiber will not rot, mildew or wick water into the body of the coating material. It’s used as a reinforcing membrane incorporated into many types of coatings where strength and toughness are required and is well suited for use around penetrations, on upturns and over cracks and non-moving joints.

ExoAir® 230 Membrane

ExoAir® 230 Membrane is a fluid applied, synthetic, vapor permeable air barrier designed for use in commercial construction applications. It can be sprayed, rolled or trowel-applied to common substrates. ExoAir 230 can be used as an air barrier membrane on adjacent substrates such as concrete or CMU, and can also be used in conjunction with Securock ExoAir Reinforcing Mesh as a transition material.